Weekly Summary

Hello fellow beekeepers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a great weekend with my sister, future brother in-law and wife at the Bon Jovi concert. It was a great show, and I was impressed by his concert. All things considered, Bon Jovi played for practically 3 straight hours. Granted, his songs are not as high energy and intense as other bands, but still impressive for a + 50 year old man.  I bought these tickets for my sister, who is a huge fan, as her wedding present, so I don’t know if I would have gone otherwise. However, it is always fun going to the concert where the entire stadium knows the lyrics, and sings along.


image1 (3).jpeg
My wife and me at the concert

Before I begin, I want to say thank you for all the support and viewership as I begin this blog. I hope the readers have enjoyed it so far, and I look forward to many more. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe to my blog, which is on the blog homepage. Also, follow us on twitter @dailyguideto and join The Daily Guide to Beekeeping facebook group. I post my daily blog post to these media outlets, so if you want daily alerts, please subscribe and join!

I hope everyone enjoyed the crossword puzzle, I have attached the results so you can see the answers. I did not receive angry or frustrated emails, so it must have went well for everyone! I wanted to make it fun, yet challenging so let me know your thoughts. Welcome Week crossword answers_1

This is my Monday morning blog post. I plan to post this blog weekly, so you, the readers, have an idea about my topics this week. I am excited about this weeks posts because this will be my first full week of blogging. Please stay tuned because I think you will be interested in my posts. Especially tomorrow, where I post about an experiment I am doing this summer with the University of Minnesota and a local commercial beekeeper, David Peterson.


Topics for this week

Tuesday: Supplementing bees with Acai berries: My upcoming summer trial

I am excited for this blog post. I have the opportunity to run a trial where I feed bees acai berries… You won’t want to miss this blog!

Wednesday: I will summarize the article “Does fumagillin control the recently detected invasive parasite Nosema ceranae in western honey bees (Apis mellifera)?” 

This is another great topic. I really gravitated to this article because of its recent relevancy. If you have not heard, fumagillin will be discontinued in June. This has worried many commercial beekeepers, so I wanted to look more into the topic. Despite your opinion on fumagillin, I think you will enjoy this summary!

Thursday: All about splits: The 3 major techniques for splitting your colonies. 

This will be a great post because I think there are many different ways to split colonies. I will talk about what I do, but I am sure it will differ from other beekeeping folks. This should be a great chat and post!

Friday: Out of left field: Why I do not have a problem with feeding your bees blood

If you have not heard, Purina has gotten into the bee business, and they did so with a bang! According to their ingredients, their product contains blood. I have an opinion on it (as i’m sure you all do) and I will weight in on it.

Saturday: Bees in the news- A summary of new articles about the world of bees

There is always new news on honey bees, so do not miss this post!

Sunday Crossword: “A New World”

This is a fun, yet challenging crossword. So good luck!

With that, I look forward to these posts and I hope you find them informative. If you have thoughts or ideas, please feel free to contact me.

Garett Slater

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