Weekly Summary

What a wonderful weekend. This was my last weekend before I head to North Dakota for a 3 week sampling trip, so I definitely wanted to enjoy. It always helps when the weather is nice and warm. My wife and I biked around Minneapolis, and checked out the bike interstates. I am truly impressed by the bike path system throughout Minneapolis. I believe Minneapolis is one of the most bike friendly cities in the nation, and I really witnessed it firsthand. Anyway, I wanted to bike the trails for many months now. I didn’t realize how spread apart the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro is when I moved here. I always heard about the great areas of Minneapolis, and the fun activities for young people. Unfortunately, I moved to a southern suburb with my wife where we need to drive 40 minutes to Minneapolis. It is fine, but that is the reason why we havn’t rode the intricate trails. We have a sunday bowling league in Minneapolis, so it is a great excuse to drive North!

I had a great first week of blog writing, and I hope everyone enjoyed my posts. I will begin my experimental trial this week, so I will keep you update. If you have not read my post, I will like to it. Supplementing bees with Acai berries: My upcoming summer trial. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. This experiement is a blessing in disguise, and I am excited about the results. I plan to post pictures and updates on my facebook page, so please join The Daily Guide to Beekeeping facebook group if you have not!

I have some great posts this week, so stay tuned!

Tuesday- The signs of mite damage- How to identify progressed varroasis 

I am excited about his post because varroa mites effect all beekeepers. However, many beekeepers do not know how to identify progressed signs of mite damage. I can often identify whether colonies have high mite levels by identifying certain signs, which is quicker than an alcohol wash. From phoretic mites to Deformed Wing Virus to Parasitic Mite Syndrome, I will explain how these signs progress as mite levels highten.

Wednesday- Summary of: ” Lithium chloride effectively kills the honey bee parasite Varroa destructor by a systemic mode of action” by a slew of authors in Germany

As of January, german authors published their research on a possible new mite treatment. It has sparked interest for many beekeepers because many want new forms of treatments. A more effective treatment is an exciting concept for beekeepers, because many beekeepers I work with have had high losses due to mites in the past. Even for beekeeper I do not work with have had high losses. I do not know the potential for Lithium chloride, but I will summarize the article and explain whether this can be an effective option in the coming years.

Thursday- Treating mites- The how, when and why of varroa treatment

For beekeepers alike, it is important to understand why, how and when to treat mites. It is also important to understand your options. With varroa management, beekeepers need to have an IPM strategy before the season starts. Here, I summarize your options!

Friday- Swarm management- Techniques you can use in your operation

Spring is finally here, so we should chat about swarm management techniques! I have a few I use, but like splitting, beekeepers have their own techniques.

Saturday- Open Thread

This has become one of my favorite and most popular posts! I will summarize new developments in honey bee research and/or news. This is a great post if you want to keep up with the latest news about honey bees.

Sunday- Crossword puzzle

Like every Sunday, I post a crossword puzzle all about honey bees.

I hope everyone enjoys may lineup. I have many topics of interest, so I have made a content calender over the next month. If any person has topics of interest, send them my way!

Once again, follow @dailyguideto on twitter and join The Daily Guide to Beekeeping on facebook. I post daily updates and alerts, so don’t miss out!

Garett Slater




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